How to Interview Effectively

You polished your software developer resume or network administrator resume, submitted newly updated resume to various job sites, successfully solved toughest interview puzzles, timely responded on hundreds emails from recruiters about availability and desired salary level, figured out the appropriate interview attire (suit or no suit), checked the direction to the hiring company office and finally you are sitting in the front of the interviewer ready for the best interview in your life, but something goes wrong. Apparently the first interviewer is not prepared for an interview. He starts to ask .NET interview questions, while you have definitely applied for Java software developer position. It looks like he didn’t any homework about your resume and show no enthusiasm while talking about company projects. The next interviewer also does not want to set a friendly tone, apparently does not know what interview questions to ask and even didn’t ask famous tell me about yourself interview question.

We all know that interviewing is time consuming, tiring task, but the interviewer should treat the whole process as full time work and should be familiar with interviewing techniques. In order to interview effectively the interviewer should know interviewing techniques and here are some interview tips worth adopting.

  • Do your homework - read resume before an interview to avoid having to start from scratch and ask for basic information.
  • Know your goal - find out what position is open and what hiring manager wants. If you’ve figured out what you need to come away with, you’re way ahead.
  • Prepare a good list of questions and write them down - then sort the questions into a logical sequence and take account of how much time you’ll have. The most important interview questions should be at the top of your list.
  • Note taking - If you’re taking notes during an interview, try to maintain eye contact as long as you can or the other person’s enthusiasm will disappear.
  • Set a friendly discussion - explain why you are hiring and what you really need. A good interview usually requires the interviewer to share the information about position and company. In general interviewee tends to respond on the same emotional level the interviewer sets. If you want to hear a great, detailed answers, you have ask question in the bright and interested tone.

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