Top Technical Interview Tips

There are best steps to prepare for the technical interview in information technology. These steps applicable to any kind of technical interview and to any technical position like software developer, network administrator or quality assurance engineer.

Practice interview on whiteboard

It is almost granted that you will answer interview question using whiteboard. Everyone knows that software developers do not code standing up at a whiteboard, quality assurance engineer do not develop test cases while someone watching the clock, and network administrator do not work without any tools, but during technical interview you would have only whiteboard. Put away the computer, get out the pen and paper and buy a chess clock.

Do a mock interview

Ask a friend, co-worker or relative to interview you, though your relative may not be an expert interviewer. Became a self-taught producer and record your interview or at least practice in the front of a mirror.

Do not memorize solution

While going through interview questions with answer, try solve questions yourself. Memorizing how to answer specific question is not going to help you much in an technical interview, plus how do you know that somebody else specific answer is correct. While you are solving a problem, make sure to think about the efficiency and other solution for the same problem

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