How To Choose A Recruiter

When choosing a recruiter or human resource to help you to hire a prospective software developer, be sure to be selective and perform a proper due diligence. A good recruiter or human resource specialist should understand where you’re coming from. A good recruiter or human resource understands the software industry and software positions they work with. As hiring manager you should look for industry knowledge and a deep commitment to understanding real strengths and background of candidates for your business.

We have been trying to fill out an open Java Software Developer position for quite some time. I spent numerous hours with human resource specialist discussing the characteristics of a good Java software developer, and the different technical skills that would help a person succeed in this role. We already had a few phone interviews and face-to-face interviews with a number of perspective software developers, but hadn't yet found the right person.

At the JavaOne 2010 conference in San Francisco, I met a terrific software developer and asked her to officially apply for position through our company web site as soon as possible. The time have passed, but I still didn’t get the resume from our HR. So I called our human resource specialist and asked about her resume.

The human resource specialist explained that since iBATIS was one of the tools we mentioned in job description, and the software developer didn't indicate iBATIS on her resume, the human resource hadn't considered this candidate as qualified.

As some of you may know - MyBatis is a persistence framework available for Java and .NET. MyBatis was known as iBATIS till 2010 when the team decided to move the project from Apache Software Foundation to Google Code. The developer being proactive person updates her software developer resume accordingly.

In the end, after extensive interview process, we hired her, but our software development team almost missed out on a really good candidate and most likely we missed many others. The recruiter did his job by filtering many unqualified software developers, but it looks like unfortunately filtered many top resumes and qualified engineers. Perhaps as a team we were too specific in the job description, or as a hiring manager I have to ask about rejected resumes early on.

In summary, having a solid technical recruiter or human resource looking out for your company can be a tremendous benefit to hiring a right candidate on time; to get your resume noticed consider enhancing your resume with a right keywords if you do not want the resume skipped by the recruiters, but never lie on your resume.

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