How long should a resume be?

How long should software developer resume be? Should Java developer with 2 years of experience have the resume two times bigger than beginner Java developer? How about Linux network administrator or Windows network administrator with the same years of experience, which one of them should have the longer resume? Without a doubt the resume has to be as reasonably possible. It help to pass the initial screening process completed by recruiters or hiring managers. Neither of them have a time to delve into every line on a resume to figure out for the most relevant items. According to surveys, average recruiter scans resume in just 30 seconds, it means shorter resume is generally better. For example, an experienced Java developer resume should stick to two pages resume, having a five-six pages resume would not make the developer more experienced. As for beginner developers or network admins, in general they should have one page resume. It is definitely hard to squeeze the experience into those limits, but keep in mind that most likely recruiters would not read each and every line on a resume to figure out the most relevant times for open position.

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