How To Deal With Bad Interviews

Bad interview questions and bad interviewers - how would you deal with them? In an ideal world, all job interviews for Java Developer or QA Tester positions would be conducted by managers, business analysts, developers and testers who are skilled at asking relevant questions and ensuring that candidates for software engineer role has enough experience to fit the position, the company, and the culture. The interviewers may ask stupid and bizarre interview questions, but regardless of whether you hate them or not, you have to provide the proper answer. For example, one of my teammates spends more than half of the interview asking a common interview puzzles. Do you think he test the ability of the interviewees to figure out how to move mount Fuji? No way, the interviewer is looking for Java Developer who does not exhibit frustrations or a negative attitude in an interview. We would rather hire less experienced developer, than the developer who provides succinct answers on all Java interview questions, but roll his eyes and exhibit self-righteous anger during an interview. You have to remember there are no bad interview questions, there are only bad interview answers. Use all interview questions as the opportunity to learn how the company operates before you have accepted a job offer.

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