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Let's nail down top Salesforce books recommendation. Ultimately, books are often among the most important resources for quick introductions to any subject. The best Salesforce books to buy for introducing yourself to's CRM solution will depend on the person trying to learn it. The end user like sales representative needs the book explaining how to manage leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities. The best book for a beginner Salesforce developer will be completely different book, while the advanced developer want to pick up the book covering Apex and Visualforce development topics. Fortunately for anyone who wants to start learning Salesforce as PaaS or SaaS, there are a great books available. The trick is finding them. With this in mind, let’s review the perfect lineup of books for Saleforce and For Dummies, 6th edition, 456 pages, 2016

This book is for for Salesforce users who want to quickly get started and figure out how to use Salesforce interface and how to customize it for sales and customer service. The book doesn’t explain how Salesforce works internally, but provides detailed explanation how to manage your customers and your teams and close more business by using Salesforce. The target audience is sales representatives who need to manage leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities; sales managers who need to track team activities and shorten the ramp-up time on new sales representative; customer service representative want to manage customer issues, from creation to resolution. The book helps team members to focus less on administrative works and spend more time making money. There are materials available in the online help, but book’s clear and concise instructions help users, managers and administrators to find effective tips and trick for customizing, configuring, maintaining, and successfully implementing Salesforce solution on much faster rate than going through online documentation. I strongly believe that book will be the handy resource to the questions regardless of reader’s technical proficiency.

ISBN-13: 978-1119239314 ; ISBN-10: 812656301X

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Salesforce Handbook, 360 pages, 2011

The authors of this book provided a high level overview of platform and tried to balance information for point-n-click developers and Apex and Visualforce developers. This book in not for advanced developers who most likely will enjoy reading Development with the Platform book. This book in not for end users who hopefully will follow Salesforce tutorials covered in for Dummies. Salesforce Handbook is for the developers who want to start building applications in the cloud. It could be a business analyst with an ideas for the cloud application or beginner Java developer wanting to skip the administration part of Salesforce. The book contains features explanations, code samples, tips and links to resources for more information. The book is a a definite asset to any new administrator or developer.

ISBN-13: 978-1446108536 ; ISBN-10: 1446108538

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Development with the Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud, 3nd Edition, 448 pages, 2013

This book aims to an experienced software developers who utilized Java, C#.NET, PHP, or other high-level languages to build Web and rich-client applications for customers. To get as much as possible from this books, the developer should have the knowledge of relational database design, web application and web service development. The book focuses on new development platform -, which is development side of the Salesforce platform, and covers complete array of technology involved in designing and developing application: user interface, coding, workflow, SOQL database, security, integration and Eclipse/ development tools. The books does not stop here, it goes deep into using Visualforce to construct advanced user interfaces and strategies for working with governors and limits. This book is ideal for experienced software developer new to platform, because it provides a detailed overview of all topics, acting as a road map of knowledge and capability.

ISBN-13: 978-0321949165 ; ISBN-10: 0321949161

More book reviews by software professionals at Amazon: Development with the Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud (3rd Edition) (Developer's Library) Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401), 280 pages, 2012 Developer Certification Handbook is a realistic tutorial that will assist developer find out the essentials path for building and deploying applications on without creating a single line of code. For developers new to the platform, it is advisable that you start with the first chapter and slowly move on to the last page. The developers already familiar with platform could start with any chapter and prepare for DEV401 certification exam in a short time, becasue the book is primarily targeted at DEV401 certification. The book contains sample questions for every topic in an exam pattern to help salesforce developer prepare better for 60 questions exam, and tips to get things started. By the end of the book, the developer will be ready to pass the exam and develop various applications on the cloud SaaS platform.

ISBN-10: 1849683484 ; ISBN-13: 978-1849683487

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Advanced Apex Programming for and, 332 pages, 2015

Advanced Apex Programming for and book intended for developers who are already familiar with the Apex language, and experienced Java and C# developers who are moving to Apex, this book starts where the documentation leaves off and focuses entirely on the Apex language and core design patterns. This book is first advanced book on Apex and it focuses on the real-world problems and issues that are faced by Apex developers every day, along with the obscure problems and surprises that can sneak up on those who are unprepared. In summary, I really would highly recommend this book to intermediate and experienced Apex developers. This second edition contains updates through Winter 14 (API 29) along with significant new content on triggers, asynchronous design patterns, concurrency and more

ISBN-10: 193675410X ; ISBN-13: 978-1936754106

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A book on SalesForce, or Apex sounds like a great idea - but it all depends on the projects and target audience. Hopefully recommended top SalesForce books will get you up and running faster and make your transition into the cloud smoother and avoid the most common SalesForce implementation mistakes. There is extensive online documentation for SalesForce, and Apex with great links and pdf files, but it is always nice to have a book to flip through.

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