Best Wordpress Books Top Recommended

Trying to master WordPress? Here is a list of the best WordPress books recommended for beginners and experienced alike. The top recommended WordPress books list starts with the book for beginner and ends with the book which provides in-depth look at the internals of the flexible WordPress platform. All these books are up to date, and will help you to begin and master not only WordPress, but surrounding the most popular CMS in the world - PHP and MySQL, no matter what your technical skill level is now. And so, without further ado, let me introduce you to the list of recommended WordPress books that are informative, clear, and helpful.

WordPress For Dummies, 7th Edition, 2015

This book is an excellent introduction to WordPress. Lisa Sabin-Wilson's writing style is refreshingly clear and concise. The author explains the differences between hosted accounts on, self-hosted WordPress blogs, and carefully examines the basics of plugins, templates, moderating comments, cleaning spam, and troubleshooting common problems. The book assumes no blogging or technical background and does a good job of explaining the basic. If you decide that you are serious about pursuing web development with WordPress for Dummies will not be the only WordPress book you will buy, but it is an excellent introduction and a real bargain.

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Using WordPress, with DVD

While WordPress For Dummies book is a good bet for blogger who wants to learn a tad about WordPress platform before actually playing with the software, Using WordPress book is intended to be step by step tutorial to using WordPress, with enough detail to have the reader on the way to design and manage WordPress blog. The book contains not only detailed screenshots and online video covering WordPress installation and troubleshooting, but enables reader to customize the learning experience. If the reader already has WordPress installed, this book teach the reader a few news tricks and will force the reader constantly verify and tweak things here and there. The book provide guidelines for registering own domain, finding a host and installing the WordPress package, tuning WordPress for search engines. In the same time the book only scratching the surface of WordPress plugins development. For those readers who is interested in plugins development I would recommend to read next book in this review.

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Professional WordPress: Design and Development 3rd Edition, 2015

If you are looking for an advanced WordPress book which covers plugins and theme development, Professional WordPress book is exactly what you needed. This book is definitely not for absolute beginners, but if you have a general knowledge of HTML and CSS, and eager to develop PHP and MySQL code, you should be able to quickly work from the basics on through advanced issues like developing plugins, creating themes, and scalability involved in creating and managing a WordPress website. If you think that Professional WordPress is book for developers only, I strongly believe that anyone wanting to develop and manage a superior website will get a lot out of this book

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To sum up, WordPress is easy to use, but the more you learn about it, the more you will get out of it, and the better your website will be. If you want to master Wordpress to it's full functionality, do yourself a favor and buy one of the recommended books.